RUN FOR IMPACT '23 -  September 9, 2023 

Run for Impact '23 is designed to raise awareness and funds to empower individuals in the East Colfax neighborhood to become personally and economically sufficient. We rely on teams led by our phenomenal staff to raise these funds to help sustain our programs. It is a wonderful event of community involvement, empowerment and FUN! To sign up to be on a team, visit http://getmeregistered.com/RunforImpact2023. If you represent an organization, please ask us for a sponsorship sheet for details. Personal contributions can be also made at https://ropserves.org/Give.html and select Current Fundraiser with a note indicating the team you select (be sure to comment who invited you). All donations are tax-deductible.

                          FALL ESL CLASSES  

These ESL classes will focus on conversation and reviewing grammar concepts. Our more advanced students will be helping the more beginner level students to grow in their English proficiency. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact Jim Bever to sign up:  [email protected]       
Meeting needs, building relationships and restoring lives through Christ in our East Colfax community.